May 22, 2017

Bringing Us To Tiers: The E-Book is now online free

Bringing Us To Tiers

In the summer of 2014, it looked dire for the future of net neutrality. The FCC had announced that it was going to cave to an industry plan to introduce "paid prioritization". And yet, people rallied -- in lots of ways, working the inside game and the outside game.

To lend my voice to the fight, and to provide some perspective on the history of the issue and the struggle, I convened a series of four half-hour lectures about net neutrality, entitled Bringing Us To Tiers. The lectures were compiled and broadcast on television; they are online as a single video which you can watch here.

I compiled the transcripts of the lectures as an e-book, which I published online. The ebook was behind a paid firewall (Amazon) -- until today. Now, I am posting the e-book online for free. You can download the book here.

Now, in 2017, yet another fight to preserve net neutrality and to protect freedom of speech on the internet is upon us, and at this writing it doesn't look encouraging. But as we learn from the history that I chronicle in the e-book, people have fought and won when it looked pretty bad. Indeed, in the 2014/2015 round of the fight, the Forces of Good won, and decisively -- forcing a reclassification of the internet back to the pro-public Title II, and seeing that reclassification affirmed in court twice.

We will fight again. Here's hoping that this e-book and the history it tells inspires people to fight again and to win again.